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Welcome to the MTGFanatic Wiki![]

Welcome to MTGFanatic Wiki! A wiki dedicated to Magic the Gathering

Why MTGFanatic?[]

MTGFanatic is an easy to use site with many great resources.

  • Members can post decks so they can purchase the entire deck at once as well as receive feedback from other players on how to improve the deck.
  • We also have a large Forum that covers all aspects of Magic the Gathering.
  • Many cards in great condition for sale at low prices.
  • Reasonable quotes for selling cards to the site.
  • Reward Points given for posting decks and posting comments on decks and replies in threads which can be redeemed for store credit.
  • Articles written by expert players to help expand knowledge on the subjects they cover.
  • Finally contests run all the time which rewards members with Reward Points

So be sure to check out MTGFanatic sometime soon!

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